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U-Molding offers customized Plastic Micro Molding, Plastic Injection Molding, Rubber / TPE molded, Metal Stamping, and Precision Engineering services. Coupled with our vast experience and expertise, we can produce cost effective solutions for both high and low volumes with the highest quality. We take pride in the broad range of services available to our clients-from design to CAD, prototyping, tool design, materials research, pattern and mold making, and parts manufacturing in small or large quantities-plus assembly, decorating, packaging, and drop shipping. From concept to completion, U-molding has all of the necessary resources to promptly and accurately complete your projects, and help your business to succeed.

Manufacturing a successful product begins in the design phase—long before the first part is run. Many times, customers partner with us for expertise in designing a product from the ground up as a way to maximize performance and minimize costs. They depend on our years of experience to see a better, faster or more efficient design.

Our expertise can affect not just the making of the part, but the manufacturing of the end product. We practice proactive design, looking for opportunities to remove a step in your manufacturing or assembly process through an innovative part design or supplying an assembly. As experts on rubber, we can also help you anticipate end-user issues that affect performance and longevity, and help you match the design to the needs—efficiently and cost effectively.